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Clean and repack wheel bearings every 30k?


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I've searched the forum several times and can't find any information on this.

My owner's manual says to clean and repack the front wheel bearings every 30,000. Anyone here have any tips on doing this?

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My 1997 FSM does not have wheel bearings on the maintenance schedule. I would leave them alone. In my 1997 ETC, the wheel bearing is a permanently lubricated unit that is pressed into the hub, and GM Parts supplies them together as a unit that also includes the wheel speed sensor. Apparently this isn't the case for the 1995 Deville.

I recall the instructions for much older cars are to pack the bearings with lithium wheel bearing grease and install, torquing the nut 15 lb-ft and, if necessary to get a cotter key in, backing off to the next flat that allows a cotter key to be inserted. Always use a new cotter key.

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The car in question is a '95 Deville? If so, the wheel bearings are sealed hub & bearing assemblies. Nothing to repack.

Clean and repacking wheel bearings only applies to the RWD cars that have tapered roller bearings on spindles.

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