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SEMI-EMERGENCY: help, please! Battery reconnect but no power.


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Hi -- I've hit a stopping point today and I reconnected the negative cable to the battery so I could roll the windows up and lock the car, and there's just no power to anything.

I had a door open while doing so, and I did see some sparking from the terminal. Please tell me I didn't screw up anything major.

Does anybody know what I need to do to get power? I want to close it before I go to bed tonight so nobody gets inside and messes with it in this neighborhood.


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So assuming you only had the negative cable off, (and you are certain you have not swapped the cables negative to positive), then please disconnect the negative cable, examine the inside to see if it is dirty or corroded, then reconnect snugly to the negative terminal. It seems unlikely that the battery could discharge while disconnected, but that would be the next thing to check is if the battery is dead.


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