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Radio Replacement -2000 Deville

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I would like to replace factory-installed AM/FM radio in Mom's 2000 DeVille with a 2000 factory original that will play CD's.

Can anyone on the list kindly provide me with R & R instructions? Pics would be great, and also a possible source for the replacement radio.

I do not need the fancy model that stores multiple CD's in the trunk area; the basic radio will be fine.

Thanks much for your time.

Steve M


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Not sure if the 2000 is the same setup like a 1999. The factory am/fm cassette has the amp built into the radio. OEM cd units require an amp in the trunk. There is one rare radio setup that had a cassette unit only, but did have an amp in the trunk. What might be easiest is if you look for an amp in your trunk - i think in 2000, it'll be against the back seat.

Either way, you need to take the oem cd/cassette unit to a delco repair facility to get the vin cleared for the "theftlock"

Getting a cd in the head unit is very difficult / almost impossible for these cars if it didn't already come with one. There are many other options you should consider.

Also the amp requires all new speakers, and all new wireing - along with hours and hours of work.

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Thanks to all that responded to my post. Looks like this project could get involved. I'm going to start looking around to see if I kept any of my cassettes.

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