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My co-worker bought a 2015 challenger scat pak a few days ago, so of course I gotta see how it runs. As I expected the xlr gets the jump off the start. So far I haven't had a car with regular street tires win at the starting line from dead stop. I got far enough in front (4 or 5 cars) that he wasn't catching me in a quarter mile. So we tried 20 mph roll. I still jump him, but decided to let off the gas for a second. so we could see actual side by side comparison. I eased out if front for a bit, and about 105 mph he got my me. All things being equal, he has a little more power but can't win a drag because of the start. Maybe one day I can find another one to play with. If so I will pass that on too.

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I'm so glad that you have nearby a local airport or drag strip that has some free time to have people play. I have three or four nearby but I haven't asked for permission to play there. My OnStar is passing data to my insurance agent where a computer processes it, and I have my doubts that their computer processes GPS data to exclude airports and race tracks from my data as used for computing rates.

But thanks for the information regarding the Charger. I have heard numbers from car enthusiast mags and sites, but they set up the cars that they test and publish times for. The 700+ hp Charger posts times better than the old CTS-V (the model that I drive), but my 1999 Suzuki touring motorcycle still bests all of them by a significant margin (2.7 sec 0-60 mph, 11.19 sec 1/4-mile). Their Hyabusa is about the same 0-60 mph but much faster beyond that.

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Jim that was actually a challenger not a charger. It is not a hellcat version either. It is a scat pak with shaker hood and cold air added.He did a lot of research prior to buying it and had some info for me I didn't know. He stated 505 hp, just under 500 torque. I ask, why not the hellcat version. $20,000+ was the answer. :glare: In any case I figured it would be interesting, since it is supposed to be 12.6 ish quarter mile times. Putting it in the range of the 09 &up cts-v, 05-07 vette and my car. My thinking is generally track times are faster than you can duplicate on the street, which leads me to believe I can compete with the higher hp cars, since mine rarely will spin the tires. No amount of "great start" is gonna let me keep up with the hellcat version, if the driver is even a little competent. That wouldn't keep me from trying though!! These cars definitely can't compete with our bikes, however, I have seen the street cars running around that can embarrass us, which I wouldn't have believed when I bought that gs 1150 es new.

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The Scat Pack briefly accelerates harder—and thus feels faster—than the Hellcat. But because the Hellcat pulls hard for longer, it's ultimately the faster car


Power (estimated SAE net) 485 hp at 6,000 rpm

Torque (estimated SAE net) 475 lb.-ft. at 4,200 rpm

Curb weight (preliminary) 4,082 pounds, 54.3/45.7 weight balance

Read more: http://www.hotrod.com/cars/reviews/1504-2015-dodge-scat-pack-challenger-ponycar-value-king/#ixzz3gw835Hpm


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