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Trunk & gas releases not working

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So when I got the car it only had one key fob. The only button that worked on it was the fuel door release. The buttons by my right knee did work to release the trunk or fuel door.

So I went thru the steps to re-synch the key fob remote. Now it will lock/unlock the doors. However, the none of the buttons to release the trunk or fuel door work - neither the key fob nor the dash buttons.

Might be coincidental - I don't see why re-synching a remote fob would kill the dash mounted buttons?

Checked fuses. Will check the connection at the dash mounted switch this weekend. I did replace the factory head unit with an aftermarket JVC (am getting 0 issues with security or other odd behavior from that install) and I've been tinkering with the A/C actuators on the passenger side. So maybe I jiggled a connection loose somewhere, but all that work is pretty far away from the dash mounted trunk/fuel buttons.

Is that something that can happen from improperly re-synching a remote? Or is there another common cause of the trunk & fuel door deciding to stop working?

99 Seville STS

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I had the glove box out while messing with A/C. Will check that out when I get home from work. I could have easily turned it on. If so, that will be the simplest fix ever :)

Does the glovebox need to be locked for that switch to do anything? I thought you had to set the switch AND lock the glovebox for it to be in valet setting, but I might be thinking of a different vehicle that had it.

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should be nothing to do with it.

But if you dont lock the glovebox you kind of defeat the purpose of the valet button lol


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Sounds like that's my problem then.

Another quick question: Is there a way to have the seat not move when the key is removed? When I put the key in ignition (or just touch the ignition switch) the seat moves to memory position #1. When I remove the key, the seat moves almost all the way back and reclines half way. I'd rather it just stay at memory position #1 or #2 - wherever it was left. I only want it move when I tell it move :)

Can I set the exit button like a memory position that is the same as position #1. If so the seat should never move from position #1 on its own?

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Got it figured out. Able to turn off exit position and steering wheel tilt from DIC menus.

Haven't figured out how to change the exit position. If I hit the exit button (easy to do accidentally) it goes to an awkward position. No big deal - at least it only moves when told to do so now which is all I wanted.

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