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98 ETC Steering Problem - Loud/Screaming

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When steering there's an extremely loud noise - ran codes & came up with:

IPC B2511 - Steering Wheel Controls Conv Key Stuck

Anyone have an idea as to what this means & what the repair would entail?

I appreciate any & all help. Thanks!

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The code IIRC means that 2 outputs occured at the same. It will throw a code. Someone else may confirm on this.

As for the squealing noise I would check your belt and tensioner. Also check the fluid level


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Ref http://drupal.caddyinfo.com/?q=node/150

One of the audio buttons on the steering wheel is stuck

Eight steering wheel control switches are used to control four audio

and four HVAC functions. When the vehicle is equipped with the cellular telephone

option, four telephone switches take the place of the HVAC steering

wheel controls. The steering wheel controls are configured as a resistive

ladder network connected to the dash integration module (DIM) across

connector C1 terminal B3 and connector C2 terminal A1. When the vehicle

is in ON, ACCY or RAP, battery voltage is provided from the DIM on CKT

1796 (DK BLU) to the steering wheel controls. Pressing a switch

(or switches) causes a voltage to appear on return CKT 1375 (PPL)

which has a value unique to the switch(es) pressed.

Conditions for Setting the DTC

DTC B2511 only sets if B1982 or B1983 is not current in DIM memory.

DTC B2511 sets if the DIM determines that one of the audio steering

wheel controls switches is stuck.


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