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2004 Deville with funny, squeaky sound

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Hey All,

My 04 Deville with 65k miles has recently developed a suspension squeak. It's only noticeable at slow speed, it usually doesn't do it over bumps but more at slow speed parking lot turns, like into a driveway. It will also do it at slow stops and starts.

I put it up on the hoist and of course I can't duplicate it in the air, in fact it won't even do it on the ground by just bouncing it up and down. It seems to require more front/back and
offside motion.

Everything looks good underneath and I sprayed some silicone spray on all the suspension bushings to see if that would quiet it and it made no difference. It's hard to tell of course, but it seems like it is more coming from drivers side.

Any thoughts? It has become more noticeable over the last month or so

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Check the front sway bar links or the bushings that retain the sway bar link to the subframe.

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sounds like dry balljoints. Check them first. unforunately they are no longer greasable like the older ones.


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