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General Operating Coolant Temperatures

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Nothing Wrong, Just wanted to share some observations I've noticed about my 96 Concours

The general operating temperature for my engine at highway speeds seems to be a steady 190F

This fluctuates with ambient outside temperatures from 188F to 194F

Under heavy throttle (passing traffic, climbing inclines) this fluctuates from 192 to 196F (maintaining highway speeds of course.

In Heavy traffic (such has being stuck on top of the Delaware Memorial bridge for 20 minutes while DPA decided to restrict all lanes coming into NJ I idled at roughly 221F dropping to 210F - 213F im assuming because the fans where kicked on.

General "around town" driving usually is 194F (190F - 196F range) stop and go regular traffic.

I notice while day to day normal driving (including stops such has bank, grocery store things of that nature she likes to stay around 201F to 213F mark depending on how long I am stopped for.

My last trip to South Carolina from Washington DC the car stayed pretty much at 194F on Highway 68-72mph average speed at an ambient outside temp of mid to high 70's

I replaced my head gasket and head bolts around thanks giving Christmas I believe because the car seemed to be loosing coolant mysteriously and over heated one time a few hours after I was hammering it in NC and hit traffic 3hours later.

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