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  1. Nothing Wrong, Just wanted to share some observations I've noticed about my 96 Concours The general operating temperature for my engine at highway speeds seems to be a steady 190F This fluctuates with ambient outside temperatures from 188F to 194F Under heavy throttle (passing traffic, climbing inclines) this fluctuates from 192 to 196F (maintaining highway speeds of course. In Heavy traffic (such has being stuck on top of the Delaware Memorial bridge for 20 minutes while DPA decided to restrict all lanes coming into NJ I idled at roughly 221F dropping to 210F - 213F im assuming because th
  2. Good Early Morning, Firstly allow me to apologize if this has been answered already Im not even sure what to search for or if I correctly identified the part im trying to remove on my Concours. but its the simulated wood grain panel trim im trying to remove from each door panel and the dash itself. Do they just pry off? I DO NOT wish to break them because im finding it hard to find interior replacement parts such has the door reflectors. any comments, instructions or suggestions would be welcome.
  3. Miss me? well I had some free time on my hands so I got with a buddy of mines I knew from Afghan and we decided to take a part my Northstar after a few overheating incidents on the highway and I am proud to say we have successfully repaired the engine with new head gasket(s) and bolts. Yes, it took us 3 1/2 months but here are the results. she remains stable at 190F on the highway sometimes 188F unless I'm going up a hill or putting a load on engine like passing then it goes to 192F The most ive seen is 196F after stopping to pay a toll and then proceeding up a steep long gradient (bay bridg
  4. I have the exact same weird issues with my 1996 93K on it it would require coolant every week or 300-500miles or so about a half a gallon however the car externally would be bone dry. Idle rough in the mornings and then smooth out.... after 4-6 minutes. (finally got it to through a misfire 0300 code after i ran hot in traffic and restarted next day) Ive come to the conclusion (loose based one thou) that my Headgasket on bank #1 is in the processes of going You indicated you replaced the plug on Cylinder 1? what did the old plug look like when you removed it? or do you still have it? I also n
  5. I attempted the coolant system combustion products test however because the car was (i assume) "burning coolant" it required coolant like once a week which I believe is what made those test results inaccurate. The over heat condition occured on a ride back from my mothers house has I was driving it hard and passing "the slowest people in the world" who wanted to do 60mph in a 70mph.... after 3hrs I hit heavy traffic and it instructed me to "Pull over and allow car to idle" then to 'STOP - Engine Immediately" which I did allowed it to cool for 40 minutes back down to 212F drove 10 miles ad shot
  6. I apologize, with my job I travel alot so I still havent had the time to put the Cadillac into the shop but, I have had a slow morning to do a little troubleshooting myself. Last saturday after I noticed the car would "misfire" when it was cold and make the "service engine soon" light flash if i attempted to drive it or just reved engine above 2,400RPMS. Since the coolant already had that "bars leak copper flake head gasket sealer" in it when I bought it I threw another bottle of it in the cooling system. Not to fix it but to test a few things. (Plus, it was already a part of the cooling syst
  7. Fans worked..... I now have a slight miss fire for first 3-5 minutes while engine is warming up to operating temp... does not throw code though. Im fairly convinced i have a weak or leaking head gasket would explain the unusual issues that i have been noticing with cooling system Unknown Coolant loss, temp spikes to the 240F mark, Bars stop lesk in the overflow...etc... (which Im fine with, considering what i paid for the vehicle) Ill have it repaired soon has i can find a shop that will actually take the job aand that i think can do it correctly around where I live without killing my purse.
  8. I actually got it to overheat..... in heavy DC traffic I think it is the relays or fans because it is only running hot at complete stops or at speeds under 47 mph I maintain 60-70mph coolant temp stays between 188F-196F when drop off highway It begins to slowly but steadily climb.... I have not allowed it to exceed 255F before shutting down.... itll go back in shop end of month but im at least getting there with resolving the main issue. Made for a he** of ride home thou lol
  9. RADATOR CAP - was first thing i replaced with a flo-vent one I visually checjed both radiator and plastic coolant tank (had a ford that use to weep from the side radiATOR TANKS) but didnt detect anything Hoses are all fairly new from what i can tell Heater core... didnt think of that on thou or he metal coolant pipes behind engin (funnyy i already know Ive suffered a brake line rupture due to rusted out metal brake lines so thats a good point...
  10. I know thats part of the issue..... my coolant is disappearing somewhere and im having an issue finding the leak. By the way good morning
  11. Perhaps Im over analyzing the car..... and I just need to drive the thing and enjoy it until either it begins to overheat\run hot or the leak becomes more prelivaint .... I think I can live with adding 1/4 gallon of coolant every week then....
  12. OK had it drained and flushed (rather had my roomate drop it off for me) turned out to be an air pocket states it came out more like an 80/20 mix. however the mechanic noticed that someone has already used that cooper bars stop leak within the coolant system so my question now is, do I put more in it now that I have had cooling system drained and refilled correctly? This may explain why the car ask me for 1/4 to half gallon every 700 miles or so ..... states he didnt visibly see leak....
  13. LOL... OKAY IM LEARNING.... Anyone one fly to my house for the weekend and eval my car?? I can cook really really really well and theres a fridge with nothing but beer in it in my garage ...(kidding)
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