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92 Deville - Snap (not crackle or pop)

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Went to look at a 92 Deville for sale today. It was a nice car, but made a strange noise.
While sitting there in park, after revving the engine up to maybe 2k, after releasing the
pedal, in 3 or 4 seconds there was a snap sound. Not a pop, like a backfire, not
as big as a clunk. I was thinking maybe the isc motor, but the sound was "larger" than that.
Any ideas what that could be?

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25 year old car?....dunno..

I guess worse case would be a cracked fly wheel....maybe loose torque converter bolts...

Maybe something simple like a bad serpentine belt..

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is it in the transmission maybe? I remember these cars having a pop in the trans after letting off the gas and letting it idle in park.

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These cars were making that noise brand new. So I think your fine. I am not sure what it is but its from the transmission.

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