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Is SRX 2015 hot? Got 33939 for base model FWD. White version is sold out...


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I owned three cars before and all of them are white(I just like it)... I did a quick inquiry [...] and the dealers gave me a fair price. However, they told me that they only have two black SRXs for base version. The only white SRX is Premium and it is beyond my budget.

I want to wait for a white version. However, dealer told me the price is always changing and they cannot guarantee the same price weeks later.

Should I just accept the black version or seek for a white one? Is 33939 a fair price for SRX 2015(base model FWD) Any suggestions will be helpful, thanks in advance

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Get an options sheet, select exactly what you want in your car, negotiate a price, and special order the car.

You can do something similar online at cars.com or kbb.com. The online sites sometimes include a dealer search for "similar" cars in your area. KBB also provides a price survey so you know what a dealer normally sells this car for, when you drive a hard bargain.

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I would never let the dealer pressure/talk me into any color, option etc..that I didn't want. I don't know how you feel about black, they are work to keep clean if you are that type of owner. I only own black, and would likely just head on down the road if a dealer didn't want to get me what "I" want, vs what they want to sell me because it's easier or makes a greater profit. When you walk out to get in that vehicle daily, you do NOT want to have any regrets, or you will learn to hate it.

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For that kind of money, if it wasn't EXACTLY what I wanted, I would walk...

There are way too many available to just SETTLE for something that you might grow to dislike very much.

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