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Cadillac Conversation 2015-01-01

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Pretty good show (there was a lot of rhetoric) but you're going to get that when you speculate on new vehicles (introductions). Here are a couple of my thoughts:

Bruce, probably the reason the CTS-V (the new one) can't use the Corvette manual (7-speed) is because it is a rear mounted tranny connected with a torque tube. But saying that, and getting back to a small(er) Cadillac offering, let's get back to your preference to the kappa platform (Sky/Solstice) and use a rear mounted tranny (a la Corvette) for a more even weight distribution (and maybe that might be the key to a winner) in a new small Cadillac Sedan/Coupe/Convertible.


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Good point that the different placement would require some engineering investment.

I agree a "lean", lower weight Kappa seems an ideal RWD sub-ATS.


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