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Duracell Group 79 battery

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Yes - it has the vents - I can see them at the top of the battery near the edge. You will need to transfer the vent hoses from the existing battery - they plug in to the vents on the battery and go through the floor.

Make sure to check the date code on the battery - I looked at one of these batteries a couple of years ago and found the battery on the shelf was 2 years old. I was able to buy an AC Delco battery at a local wholesaler for less money than the Sams Club battery so that's what I went with. If I had not been able to buy the Delco battery, I probably would have gone with the Duracell from Sams (with a date code that was less than 6 months old).

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Lots of batteries have the vents now.

I've bought 2 batteries in the last year for different vehicles (neither one a Cadillac). Both had venting tube systems...both batteries came with a vent tube adapter kit taped to it.

And...thinking about it...both came from NAPA.

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