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BrandChannel: Despite Millennial-Wooing BMW, Mary Kay Stays True to Pink Cadillac

Bruce Nunnally

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Cadillac may be struggling to revive its sales and redefine its brand, but there's no doubt about the value of Cadillac to Mary Kay Cosmetics. The leader in multi-level beauty-products marketing has proudly entered its 45th year of awarding pink Cadillacs to its top salespeople. The Mary Kay Pink Cadillac even has its own Twitter feed.

Read more: http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2014/12/09/141209-Mary-Kay-Pink-Cadillac.aspx


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From the above article:

"Interestingly, however, some things are changing at Mary Kay on the auto partnership front. While not replacing the pink Cadillac as a loaned prize for its top performers in building a big and successful sales team, Mary Kay has changed up the automotive prize that goes to its second-tier "premier" directors who are working their way from black to pink. Until lately, that car was a black Ford Mustang, Bloomberg reported."

There is/was one of those black Mustangs in Peachtree City, Fayette County, GA. And that car is more than a 'black Ford Mustang'. It's the fully loaded GT model that appears to be in motion and Steve McQueen driven even while sitting in a grocery store parking lot!


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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That's a pretty sweet color IMO. It's a pearl-essence pink, correct; or maybe 'pink-champagne'.


'19 CT6, '04 Bravada........but still lusting for that '69 Z-28

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