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Turn signal questions

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93 STS has rapid flashing left turn signal when it works. Left cornering light is not getting power, bad wire, maybe bad ground. It has now stopped working at all except for an initial flash, until it warms up inside the car. It has to be toasty for a while. Please note, I'm near the North Pole so it takes a while to get warm. In reading other posts here, some feel the rapid blinking on just one side is not indicative of a module failure. I figured that was the next logical step.

Anyone have other suggestions to this, works when it's warm issue? It maybe that the voltage is low, but the DIC ( who decided to call it that) says it has 14.2-14.5 volts.

Thanks much for any replies.

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If it's just one side. The black box electronic flasher is likely ok. This car does not use a traditional silver can flasher for the turn signals.

It can be...a bad turn signal switch in the column.

A common problem is toasted sockets. They can look ok...but on closer inspection they can have browning in the plastics. Basically cooking from the inside out.

The fast fix is to splice on a new socket. No sense in trying to fix a cooked socket.

In the picture...note the browning of the plastic in the socket on the right. Bad.

A trick fix is to splice on a latter style socket and bulb. See socket on left in the picture.


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These cars....do not use a traditional flasher unit. It uses a black box electronic flasher unit.

This is located on the left side of the steering column...more like tucked in...behind the dash pad.

I don't remember the exact details....but when I went to sell my '93 ten years ago...the flasher screwed up during a test drive. They did not buy the car.

Anyway..I was able to take apart the flasher unit and some cracked solder joints were obvious. That fixed the problem.

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IIRC it is basically right behind the headlight switch. I have replaced a few and would think that is your problem also


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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