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1996 DeVille heater fan

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My heater fan quit after using a battery charger. I wasn't paying attention and left the key in the on position overnight which drained the battery dead. I connected the charger for an hour, started the car and thought all was well. Today I found out the fan is dead. I know the fan is delicate and can be effected if plug wires are too close, is there any possibility the charger somehow fried it?



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Is the blower the original design - with the 1/2" thick plate mounted on the face? If so, it is a wonder it lasted this long. There is a new blower design - you must purchase the heat shield since GM no longer includes it with the new blower.

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I personally like the original design,

When the blower went on my 96 Deville I could not get the new 1 piece assembly in. I didnt dare drop my subframe, so I went to my local yard and disassembled an oem one, works good still.


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