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No more replica activity?


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So, what happened to all the Duke replica Jaguars? I'm in Arizona and my Jag is shivering at home in Colorado in the garage under a cover. But I am hoping for some decent top-up driving days when I return there for the holidays.

Where are all the others? Any work going on?

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Mine comes out for yard work days because it blocks in the mower. Then I like to ake a drive to cool off.

Too cold here in Texas now for open motoring too.


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Sorry for no updates..Drove the car last in September and haven't done anything since,have projects planned,but not started,Also,if you see the national news about the snow in Western New York,well that's where I live,,No joke, I 've lived in this area my whole life,but can;t remember this much snow at one time.I just barely made it to work Tuesday morning and took 40 minutes for a 3 mile drive to get home later that day.Travel bans yesterday and today,so inside at home staying warm .8 people have died so far and at 64 I'm not not going to overdo with the snow shovel and snow blower.Forceast for 50 and 60 degrees on Sunday and Monday,which will add much more weight to the snow and cause a lot of building damage and flooding. Snow is 7 feet in some areas and won't all melt but it will be a mess. I can update later. Rick

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Wow, that snow in the notheast is just incredible. We came back from the 70-80's of AZ to 50's and some leftover snow in CO. At least we missed the snow and record below 0 temps of last week. A pleasant day in Parker, CO today--upper 50's. I took the Jaguar out for exercise and it ran a bit ratty with the sick carburetor and all the Sta-Bil I put in the gas for storage, but otherwise was a fun run. I had to relearn the entry-exit drill with the side curtains. You can't be in a hurry.

Last year was the first year I drove the Jag much with the top up. The top is fastened to the top of the windshield by just inserting the edge bead of the front of the top into a groove in the windshield frame and the tension from the top being pulled back to the rear is "supposed" to keep the edge in place. However, my top would start coming out at each end from the force and flapping from the wind flow at speed. I screwed a small black screw into the bead and groove at each end which barely shows and seems to keep the top bead from slipping out of the groove. Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a better solution?

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Back in AZ until May. The Jaguar is in hibernation back in its garage in Colorado. We had quite a bit of decent weather there in Nov., so I put on a few hundred miles driving the Jag around, as long as the streets were dry. The Jag is actually not a bad second car for the occasional trip and I have more confidence in its reliability all the time. With the top up and heater on, comfortable to at least 20 deg. so far. I definitely have to be careful about what I buy at Costco, though. Not a lot of cu. ft. inside.

Made some contacts about the carburetor, and the consensus is on a new Weber. I hope to get it on soon after we return to CO.

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