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  1. Thanks Goran. Probably not a Caddy. Lusting for a new C8 Corvette convertible.
  2. Classic Roadsters Duke Jaguar SS-100 Replica, Epilogue. I don't know if anyone sees or is following this part of the forum any more, but I thought I would post a final report of my Jaguar ownership experience after reviewing my original thread. On May 22, 2019, I helped load my Jaguar onto a transport trailer to be shipped to its new owner in Phoenix. After six years of ownership that featured lots of fun driving, a few breakdowns, quite a bit of maintenance education and work, we decided we had satisfied our Brit roadster yen and wanted the garage space back. A Craigslist ad brought me a
  3. Post-Jaguar life. Gone but not forgotten. See separate post "No more Jaguar-It was fun"
  4. My Jag replica came with the Dayton wire wheels. Six of them actually. I put VW old Beetle tires on; I think size was 165-80 x 15. They were a little narrow for the wheel, which was more for 195-205 width tires, but the diameter was about right and the tires still were plenty wide for the scale of the car.
  5. Not much chatter here on the Jaguar replicas. I still have my Duke Classic Roadsters replica. I've had some reliability problems the past couple of years and haven't driven it much. The last outing took 4 hours to do a 30 mile loop because the car stalled eight times and I had to wait for it to cool off before it would start and go a bit farther. My mechanic isolated the problem to the fuel pump overheating. A new electric pump seems to have solved the problem. I just did a 50 mile drive today without a hiccup. And my vibration problems were the most obvious of all--tires out of balance. The c
  6. Hi Keith. I'm a little late in getting back to this forum. Best of luck on your project. I have a Classic Roadsters factory-built Duke that I bought over four years ago and have been working on a little just to keep it in running order. I've posted some of my experiences here in the past. I can't quite tell from the picture but I'm guessing you have a Ford Mustang/Pinto doner because your alternator is on the opposite side of the engine bay compared to my Chevy Chevette-based car. Keep us posted, please. Bob M. in Parker, CO
  7. Well, it's been over a year and not much activity on the SS-100 Duke scene. I have followed a few sales on the internet and eBay and see a range of prices still holding around $8-10k and up for the Classic Roadster models, not the VW beetle-based ones. I have continued to drive ours in good weather, and we have reached the point of deciding to sell as we move on to other interests. I had a semi-firm buyer with money in my hand, but he reneged after an extended drive. I have to agree with his objections: the car needs a new clutch and something under there is making it shake, rattle, but not ro
  8. That's pretty awesome. Looks like a little over a month from now (July 13). Can you post a selling price if you find out? I'll probably forget.
  9. Here are a couple of nice Dukes. The white one has the authentic look and a real Jag inline 6. The blue one has an outstanding dash. Sweet inspiration. Blue Duke White Duke
  10. Too much fun. On 2 cylinders no less. Who needs 600+ hp Vettes or Vipers?
  11. The Brooklands screen would add a bit more authenticity, but I need the regular windshield frame with the groove on the top to connect the convertible top into. And if I did the Brooklands, then I would want to get a 4-spoke steering wheel and get regular fenders or fill in the side mount holes and put a spare on the back and get 19" wheels and paint it racing green and ... and ... (Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.)
  12. I could use a new windshield frame. Does anyone know anything about the original Duke windshields; whether they were from another car of if any even exist on Planet Earth? I'm also looking into a refinish or replating, but mine is pretty pitted. And chrome plating seems to be a lost art thanks to the EPA.
  13. Love the color. I get quite a few people asking if my Duke Jaguar is a Morgan. I would think people who know there is such a car as a Morgan would also know that they are pretty distinctive looking.
  14. I'll hang around and add my email as C.Jim suggests. Bruce, what about a Facebook group for Classic Roadster replicas...maybe a bit bigger population than just Dukes?
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