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  1. That's absolutely uncanny..I also sold my Duke yesterday.I'm going to send the new owner this link.It is, by far,the best resource I have found on these cars.Thank you Bruce for all you have put in to this topic..
  2. Sorry for no updates..Drove the car last in September and haven't done anything since,have projects planned,but not started,Also,if you see the national news about the snow in Western New York,well that's where I live,,No joke, I 've lived in this area my whole life,but can;t remember this much snow at one time.I just barely made it to work Tuesday morning and took 40 minutes for a 3 mile drive to get home later that day.Travel bans yesterday and today,so inside at home staying warm .8 people have died so far and at 64 I'm not not going to overdo with the snow shovel and snow blower.Forceast for 50 and 60 degrees on Sunday and Monday,which will add much more weight to the snow and cause a lot of building damage and flooding. Snow is 7 feet in some areas and won't all melt but it will be a mess. I can update later. Rick
  3. You guys are doing it right.Blowing the whole thing apart and starting over.I should do the same but, probably won't. I had wondered what these would look like in black,so thanks for the update and looks great.Top material and side windows are still on my want list. Good job. Rick
  4. Like the rear shocks so well,installed new ones on the front also.Installed the Holley 2 barrel carb I rebuilt and that seems to run well,just need to fine tune it. .................cyberfooks : I have a definate interest in the top and side windows if wish to sell them..I have the metal bows for the top.
  5. Big improvement in the ride and handling of our car .Real happy that the shocks helped.Obviously going to order and replace the front shocks too.Next on the hit list is a trip to the pick a part yard to look for an air cleaner assembly that will contain the gas fumes,even though I like the look of the aged one more.
  6. I replaced my tank with one for a Mustang 2.Your car is looking good,Can't wait to see it finished.
  7. Looks like a real good job on that repair.Enjoy your road miles.
  8. That would all depend on how things line up in the rear.The rear body section will have to come off to gain access for the body mounts and that will indicate if it's feasible.Also trunk size would dictate if the rear body section would be notched out or removed entirely.Wait and see on this one.I would not add anything onto the back of the body.
  9. Found the rear shocks in bad shape,so after an tedious search found they are for a !978 Pinto with the 2.8 V6..New ones installed and I hope to take it for a ride tomorrow after work .Cruise night Thursday and take the granddaughter out for a ride.The rear body mounts also look like they will require rebuilding,but will have to wait until it's down time.Contemplating installing a real trunk in the rear,but that will be decided when back of car is torn down to repair the body mounts.
  10. Progress finally.Got the new tank and sending unit installed,not without issues of course, and the gas gauge even works now.We took it out for weekend trip.About 125 miles round trip and it ran and drove quite well,but this car definitely does not like rough roads.Thinking I need to check shocks ,springs and whatever else as it seems to take any little bump quite hard .Oh well,just more on the to do list.
  11. STILL waiting on parts.There was a problem on their end and I'm in limbo.Quickly running out of patience and I seldom have a lot to spare.Sorry for the rant.