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power steering problem

Alex Jurenka

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I drive a 1998 Eldorado. I was turning into a driveway web u great a loud pop coming from the front right side of the car. I didn't think much of it at first, but when i went to drive it again the handling is acting strangely. I have to turn the wheel 180degrees before the wheels turn and even then it's not much. The wheel is easy to turn and there are no strange noises.

Where should i start to diagnose and fix the problem?

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I would start by having the car towed to a shop that has a lift and looking under the car.

Start with the rack and pinion and follow the steering linkage to both front wheels.

If you have a cell phone, take pictures and post them here.

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This sounds like it could be one of the inner tie rods popped out. If so, it's something that won't be seen because the inner tie rod boots (No. 9 in the diagram) will mask the problem. I'm speculating that the reason why the steering wheel has to be turned 180 is because the only thing that is connected to the broken tier rod is the boot. The boot is like an accordian and when it is finally extended all the way the wheel then is able to turn. If the boot tears, then you will see if indeed the problem is an inner tie rod. Regardless, Whatever it is, this is a car that shouldn't be driven until reparied.

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