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2010 SRX replacing Radio/Nav

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I recently purchased a 2010 SRX and later found out that it has the infamous radio/Nav problems that these all had. Why the original owners never got it fixed is beyond me. I've done my research and it sounds like the only solution is to have the unit replaced. I've tracked down a few at salvage yards but really don't want to even mess with another 2010 unit. So does anyone know if a unit out of a 2011 will work? I think they had this issue fixed by 2011. Also I believe these units are programmed with the vehicles VIN for theft deterrent, so any ideas how replacing one from a salvage yard would work. Are there any work arounds other than a several hundred dollar service from the dealer? I'm looking for any and all recommendations right now. Thanks

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From what it sounds like most if not all of the 2010's had this issue. The clock does not stay set, Nav always reverts to Washington DC, previous owners saved POI cannot be removed, they always come back. Half the time when you start the car radio appears to be on but no sound comes out even turning volume all the way up, it has to be turned off and back on. Sometimes the screen will not popup when you put car in reverse. It's almost more hassle than it's worth. Most people have said the dealer recommends a firmware update only to find that did not work and the entire unit had to be replaced. And those that had them replaced even said that they had to go through several units just to find one that didn't have this issue. Which is why I'm wanting to know if a 2011 will drop in and work fine.

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I'm having trouble with mine not giving back the Audio screen when a call ends. Also, when I have an incoming call, I can't pick up using the car; I have to pull out the phone and answer it. OnStar connected me to customer service, who said that the Bluetooth firmware had been updated in 2012. The last time I called they said that there was a relay that could be replace on the 2011's that causes this problem; I didn't see a relay outside a module in the 2011 FSM. The dealer gets it in a week.

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