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Cadillac Racing Evaluating GT Options for 2015

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With the current CTS-V model reaching the end of its production cycle, Cadillac is evaluating options for its V-Series GT racing platform, including the possibility of building a car to FIA GT3 specifications.

The luxury automaker, which has swept the drivers’ and manufacturers’ championships in Pirelli World Challenge the last two years, however, has yet to come to a decision on the successor to the Cadillac CTS-V.R, which has been in World Challenge competition for the last four seasons.

“We’re committed to GT and there’s variations in GT and we’re looking at all of them,” Cadillac Racing technical program manager David Caldwell told Sportscar365 in an exclusive interview.

“There’s a huge amount of global opportunity in GT3 and a lot of potential success there but it’s not the only strategy to play. Our options are open for a couple different directions to go.”

Read more: http://sportscar365.com/gt/cadillac-evaluating-gt-options-for-2015/


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The fact that they are still in there for both the driver and manufacturer championships in the Pireili World Challenge with the GT3 class without a full GT3 car doesn't mean that they can do it next year while too heavy and down on horsepower. They may have advantages in driving, chassis dynamics and aerodynamics but Ferrarri, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Audi, etc. are learning from this year, too. If they don't come up with a fully competitive car that is up to win every race next year, they will likely be back in the pack. Right now they are competing against cars that few of us ever see on the roads.

I think that this is not lost on the racing team, and thus is known to the decision makers. But a competitive GT3 car is hard to configure with a car that can be built on the same line as a car in the current CTS-V price range. If they don't build a GT3, they will probably pick another race series. I don't think that they will be content to be winning just the GTS class against the Kias, Corvettes, Vipers, and Accuras, when they are on track to win both driver and manufacturer championships in the GT3 class.

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