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Duke Jaguar with some nice touches

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This car has some nice touches added: http://www.pjsautoworld.com/1937%20Jaguar%20Replica/index.html#expanded

Note the bonnet/hood is the same color as the fenders

Script along the hood

Leather Bonnet strap

Nice wheels

Leather lining along the doors

"37" logo on the front bracing


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Yes indeed! Love his steering wheel. Looks like a different kind of steer column and with a separate ignition switch to the left. I like the upholstered rolls on top of the doors, but would they interfere with installing the side curtains? Don't care for the lettering and striping; IMHO they detract from the original look. The white and black is a nice color combo. Has the Chevette/Isuzu engine like mine. I was considering leather bonnet straps (there should be two), but probably won't because they should extend down all the way (the one on this car only goes halfway to a bracket on the passenger side), and would have to be unfastened every time I opened the bonnet. Plus, real ones are shearling lined and kind of pricey. Still a nice example, though. I like seeing different cars for the ideas. Wonder if they will get the price? Hope so for our investment's sake.

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Then there's THIS one. Optimistic pricing I would think. If you crossed a Duke with a Gazelle and a VW Thing, is this what the offspring would be?

And on the eBay Kit/Replica listings, they sure did let all the Gazelles loose for spring.

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