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Welcome from Tim Carroll

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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to say, once again we have a forum where it is all about good, moral fun! A place where we can once again be here for those who need real information from actual Cadillac Master Techs.

I would like to say thanks to my good friend Bruce, for making it all possible. I was surprised to find out that Bruce is in fact a TEXAN!!! And best of all, he just lives what we call here in Texas, down the street just a few miles away!

When I realized Bruce was right here next to me, I contacted him and he came right over where we hung out and talked Cadillacs!

So here is to many years of friendship!

Now, together we can bring back the joy we once had in a forum we can trust to be fair and honest, a place where we can make many new friends!

I am excited to meet you all, and answer those questions you were unable to trust elsewhere.

Thanks, Tim Carroll

CEO/Senior Eng.


Northern Texas!

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Welcome Tim.

I want to hear about every CCC Cadillac restoration, refresh, and performance package install. I enjoyed our visit, and look forward to getting out to your shops other days.

CaddyInfo is at heart a Cadillac Enthusiast site - where Cadillac fans can enjoy chatting about their automobiles.

I want to encourage and support businesses like yours targeted at helping Cadillac owners keep and enjoy their Cadillacs.

Let me know if you need anything. I will keep any eye on this subforum for obvious corrective actions needed but otherwise this is your space for Cadillac discussion.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

Follow me on: Twitter Instagram Youtube

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Dear Mr. Nunnally and Caddyinfo.com, Thanks for allowing a place where CCC's clients, potential clients and fans from around the world to interact together.

Tim and CCC are currently doing a Complete Overhaul w/ Modifications, Paint & Body Work to my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado ETC Motor Vehicle, as well as taking care of some other issues that they have discovered.

While I have always been encouraged to email or even phone Tim at any time with any questions, I feel that it is more convenient as well as helpful to others to ask questions here.

So, thanks again for affording us all this opportunity!

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Thanks Bruce, I am relying on you to keep this safe for our company as we proceed, so thank you for making that clear.

Anything that I know needs your attention, I will contact you direct,

Hey, you will have first hand insight and account of all the custom stuff we do, some people wish they could just drive over, but you actually can! LOL And I look forward to it!

Your welcome to use one of the pic's I sent with my newest signs for a place in the country?

Again, thanks for this opportunity.

As far as Ed's 99' Eldo, I actually met him in Tyler TX to look at this diamond in the rough where he purchased it, and I trailered it back.

It now has a CCC Studded engine and getting some paint done to it.

Ed is a great guy and this Eldorado was his dream car, so we are doing what we love and making his dream a reality!

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