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  1. I need to get over to James Wood so I can drive some of the newest stuff, I usually do but been to busy these last couple years! Yeah I have read all about it, and it is unbelievable, you scored! But that is what this is all about for guys like you an I, and our fans of course.
  2. That is the sweet one! The 'V' Okay, that I can live with, but I would miss my XLR for sure!!!!!! Alright bro, I guess I won't get to upgrade it, but I do look forward to seeing your new one! LOL
  3. Absolutely Bro! I was looking at your list of Cad's and I don't remember you having the XLR, which as you know is one of my favorite and my specialties!!!! So I look forward to the day I get to upgrade your XLR engine if you hold on to it until then? LOL The color sounds sweet, text me a pic or email I would love to see, maybe one day when you come back out, you can bring it over in person? It's not like you don't live just a few miles away from me now?!!!! I know you'll want to do a write so let me know so we can freshly mow! LOL We mow every week but it only takes a few days after rain to look like we are slacking, and my yard is as beautiful as the Cadillacs that are always here. I would love to get a pic of it here with you at the shop. Of course I have seen your '08, as a matter of fact I just built an STS '08 4.4 V I love it as much as you do, but I really love building them and upgrading it with our Studs! I am going to post a video of it before it leaves, I am sure I will mention you and your car while speaking, if your OK with that? You know I am a Spectre Filter Advocate and use their filters in all my signature CAI box's! Anyhow, great to be back, here is to many years bringing cool stuff to the world of Cadillac enthusiast! PS. The ATS is cool, but I see where it says (Wife's) I would of wrote that too!
  4. Hi Bruce, just signed back in for the first time in awhile! But have plans to start visiting more often! I also have plans to set up our shop with studio cameras for our postings, Youtube, and website including your online show, if I complete our new studio set up with the shop as a back drop, we will visit you guys this week, but I will keep you posted as we are the busiest shops you'll ever witness? LOL. As you know we backed out of the lime light last year for making future plans! But we are back and stronger then ever before, with our personal products such as our Stud Systems, CAI and much, much more! All new restoration on the block including our 51 soon to be a Limo Street Dragster!! Don't want to miss that one! We will be posting live custom painting soon, starting with Ed's Eldorado Black on Black! Anyhow, we have just started the above engine restore and will be posting several videos throughout the process to enlighten our fans of the original Northstar engineering. We will be explaining what worked and what failed, causing an extreme upgrade for the '95 and beyond! Should be lots of fun and very informative. I will be sure to answer any questions that may pop up on this topic page! And or our website, youtube channel, and Facebook! Thanks, Tim Carroll CEO/Senior Engineer
  5. To KHE, Why GM did a lot of things is questionable? To say the least! From the day they failed the first Northstar to the day they discontinued it, never once did GM Engineers solve the Head Gasket issue, but between Jake and myself, well, we solved it overnight, oh and most of that credit can go to Alan Johnson after all he was doing it before we were. We call factory hold back a drive 55 era.
  6. Hey guys! I know this does make the same sense to some as it does to us as engineers, but anything inside the pipe will have some kind of back pressure, in this particular case an 1-1/4" of pipe was a bit extreme! We see them much less and rarely more then that but in any case it was a serious restriction. If you have seen our header builds we have built with dual flex and a two point collector for as much flow as possible then you understand we know the flows, you can view one of these on our site. The two point collector is expensive to say the least and is done in your car. The question is; how much difference between the two point collector and is the honing of the original and believe it or not? it is less difference then the honing versus leaving this blockage inside. I think we will do a visual smoke video of how this restricts and take the doubt out of it, but I am a busy man so it won't be tomorrow, LOL but as with all things I will get to it. I explain it this way; you have a single pipe going to your split in the rear to two mufflers, both mufflers allow exhaust to escape? Now, they are coming out of one pipe slightly larger then the two splitting off, but the two splitting off make up for more volume of flow! If you were to seal off one side? You still have an open port, correct? Because you are now using a smaller volume of escape then the pipe coming from the front, it is bottle necking it at this point, yes it will feel much more powerful of pressure coming from the one side but much less then the two were allowing together is actually escaping ! So you ask yourself, where is the extra volume that is not being allowed to flow out of the one side? This is called back pressure, like it or not your flow is slowed! Not much, but a little. This is the same issue with this blockage, for the average Joe it may not be much, but for the guy looking for max capability, this is substantial.
  7. All you need is an XLR specialist! However, CCC is in Northern TX
  8. Dan, I know you do not have an engine crane and if you just sit your engine in and disconnected the fork lift you were using, in your year the engine is naturally going to tilt toward the passenger side of your car. If you had an engine crane you could balance your engine and use your arm and hands to freely move the engine toward the bell housing. So hook the fork lift back up and just barely lift up on the engine to help balance it. Also you have lower torque struts so make sure your lower Trans mount on your drivers side is up and connected then use your floor jack to raise the trans slightly to alleviate any pressure. As long as you have nothing blocking it you should be able to freely grab your chains to engine and easily pull the engine to trans. Although you do not want to use the bolts to pull the engine to trans, if the above instructions work for you, you can start all your bolts and bolt them freely at this time. Never use just the bolts to try and suck the engine to trans! If your bolts are tight and your trans is not coming together then you need to regroup.
  9. I may have looked as though I was not communicating with Dan, but rest assured I have spoken directly to him via the phone each day of the week. When I told him the tensioner would stiffen up after the engine was running he said someone had mentioned that and I told him whoever did was in fact correct. When spinning the engine the right bank cams will always spring forward and relax the chain slightly, all rebuilds or reassembly will do this. Anyhow, I do thank you for your insight helping a client, very kind and very cool!
  10. Awesome stuff Dan!~ I knew you had it in you? Even after all that!
  11. I somehow lost the before picture, but I sure have not forgotten the ugly bump! LOL After we install the new harness I am going to polish the whole thing up to match the new front right fender paint!
  12. It always seems to look best on the all black Eldorado! So relax Ed, this is exactly what yours will look like? Oh now you certainly won't relax, LOL
  13. Hey everyone, To answer Jim's questions? Yes the PCM must be kept cool! In this particular CAI series, below the PCM is a screened well, in other words, we drill a series of holes screening the well, then we use a series of rubber strips to sit the PCM on and we also wrap around it with rubber stripping to prevent any PCM to metal contact. After assuring no grounding can take place, we secure the PCM with rubber strapping to hold it in down. This particular PCM has raised cooling fins, which we have facing up, this -well- also has a series of holes in the area, in this case three large ones versus the single limited one that came stock in the plastic intake under the fender that I cut flush to the surface. So the screened holes under the PCM allow for the bottom to be cooled, this cooling takes place whenever the car is in motion and when it is not just by the intake. However, the cross flow of the well ports above it cools the fins on top, so in this CAI, the PCM is being much more cooled down then in the regular old box! The Filter is adequate for this Cad, however, it has a much higher air flow then the OEM, it is easy to remove for cleaning, it is also fairly priced! So much so, that for myself, I just replace them, but I do include a cleaning kit for my clients! Thanks for the inquiry!
  14. Upper bank is 4-3/8" above the deck and the lower bank is 3-3/4" above the deck!