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Some of you might remember the little write up I did on adding the C and D note horns to my 2008 DTS a few years back. I am now working on our 2012 Camaro and am wondering what the stock horns are. Are they the A and F notes like the Caddy was or are they just untuned high and low notes?

Caddy_Grill.jpg2008 DTS
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My guess would be A & C on the Camaro but that is just a guess. I'd unhook the horns on the Cadillac until it sounds like the Camaro. Then look at the horns that are still conected to see what the notes are. Another alternative would be to use one of those electronic keyboards and set it to "horn" mode and then use the keys to approximate the sound of the Camaro horn.

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I believe that all GM horns have been tuned for many years.

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