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Hello all,

I think I might be a Cadillac person. I bought a '01 Deville now with 140k. I have owned many cars before this. New cars and never really became attached to any of them. I even had a 3 year old Ford truck repossessed and forgot about it the next day.

My Cadillac has been leaking a bit of dexcool, but i would rather continue to drive, having to keep a close eye on it it in spite of it's glitches. I suppose i should get a new car, but I can't think of any other cars I would rather be driving. I'd rather hang onto this car than have a brand new one. Call my crazy I guess. When I'm 500 miles from home, driving in a blizzard at night I want my Cadillac.

So I was told my block is leaking dexcool. :( Verrrry slow leak. I hope it don't get any worse. I'll have to replace the motor. The cost is more than the car is worth. Just can't seem to let it go!!!!

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What exactly did they say -- where and in what way is the block leaking? This could be the sort of thing that the coolant sealant tabs were used to address -- minor porosity of the aluminum?


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This is quite likely to be repairable, one way or another. The block itself leaking is very rare, and is addressed by the sealant tabs that GM recommends for 1993-1999 Northstars. They are GM part number 10-108 12378255, and the manufacturer is Bar's Leaks. The Bar's Leaks part number is just HDC. The Bar's Leaks page on the tabs is


You can get them at most auto parts stores.

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