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Hi I have a 97 STS i am trying to get it running. I charge the battery and reconnect it to the system, the interior lights, and radio come on. As soon as I turn the ignition switch to the on but not start position, the power drains out of the battery, and the inadvert power relay starts ticking. my code tester cannot read the car because the power is to low,all of this in less than 3 minutes. the battery is less than 1 yr old but was 1/2 dry before i charged it.The battery before this one tested for a dead cell while still under warranty. I dont have a clue what to do.Please help thanks Rich

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Hello. First off Welcome to caddyinfo.

I dont know if this helps but are both positive battery cables connected? and the brass spacer intact.

Sometimes one of the cables will slide down in the rubber and you might not notice it not being hooked up.

From what you explain it sounds like a loss of connection under load


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If the battery has been discharged more than once, its ability to recover rapidly diminishes. Charge the battery and then take it to any auto parts store and have it load tested.

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