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Bruce Nunnally

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I am often interested to hear what European auto writers have to say about Cadillac.

AUTO includes a first test drive of the Cadillac ATS 2L Turbo here: http://www.autozeitu...-daten?page=0,0

which Google translates as follows:

Test Cadillac ATS 2.0T 2013

With rough edges

With the Cadillac ATS, the Americans want the powerful competition à la BMW 3 Series or Audi A4 offer competition. The qualities of the midsize sedan shows the first test

Better it can not possibly get: the sale in Europe must not cause the new Cadillac ATS decorate with a title that has not only on its North American home market weight: The good 4.60 meter long saloon, with the Cadillac on variables such as Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class aims, was in its home market of North American "Car of the Year", awarded to the car the year. This is where the ATS, which is like the larger models, the GM luxury brand emphasizes drawn polygonal, zeitgeisty hip on electric or at least hybrid, but relies on a technical base layout that has a long tradition of Cadillac's history. Combustion engine at the front, rear driven axle.

Cadillac ATS 2.0T: Hearty pulling out of the cellar

Only for the type of engine it has adapted to the new era in the often spoken of grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer as of PS or Newton meters - and in the more rare the good old capacity is viewed as a measure of things. In America there is still a V6 cylinder, but even the 3.6-liter are given the seven-liter-plus giants in Cadillac history not really rich. To Germany and the ATS is all about the downsizing.

Four cylinders and two liters it sufficient to produce with the aid of a turbocharger 276 hp. The everyday more important torque is 353 Newton meters and is available in wide range from 1700 to 5500 rpm at hand. You have to because the large displacement shed a tear? Not mandatory. Because the light-metal cylinder four packs already strongly to from idle and can not so fast. He has an easy time with the ATS, although the well-equipped test car in the top premium version comes with a multitude of airbags and driver assistance systems refueled nearly 1.6 tons on the scale.

The test car with 6.3 seconds missed the factory specification for the sprint to 100 km / h to 0.3 seconds, as only a minor flaw, as well as at 240 km / h limited top speed. For it is sovereign motorized, with unique strengths at medium speeds. Without having to switch back to waiting, here is always enough pressure under the gas pedal for small bursts of speed. That's good, because up to the rev limit of 7000 / min, the four-cylinder vibrates at the latest from 6000 tours only with declining enthusiasm and throaty Protestgedröhn, and the shift lever when changing gear requires an amazing amount of emphasis.

Since the driving noise-insulated and comfortable front seats of the large variety of convenient are the ATS soon emerges as a solid touring car. Who on the back seat does and get greater than 1.80 meters, has not, however, quite so well taken as the front men: There is a lack of headroom and leg support to the per se well-padded, but very deep-mounted seat.

Is that the Cadillac in the space economy has not reached the level of the best Europeans, also shows a glimpse into the trunk. Only 381 liters fit into variable with folding rear seatbacks, and a high inner sill and the small loading port complicate the handling of overweight and large pieces of luggage. The level of competition achieved the targeted German ATS contrast of craftsmanship and material selection. Wood, leather, metal: This is all combined with taste and carefully assembled. The cockpit with large, easy to read instrument dials have succeeded, and offers a variety of information, if one has worked a little in the operating concept.

Striking is the shiny center console running, because here are missing all the buttons and switches, which are usually a feature-rich automotive. As well as the large monitor of the navigation system (2380 euros extra, Series ATS Premium) is designed touch sensitive, so there is on the center console are certain areas controlled by one touch radio volume, seat or rear window defroster, and more. That gives this area decorated with small chrome inserts a tidy, high-quality appearance. However, it takes some time before you can operate the desired functions as safe as conventional buttons that you can grope in the true sense of the word.

The navigation system impresses with good guidance and crystal clear map display on the large screen. The operation is similar to smart phones - enlarge or reduce the view by spreading the fingers included. Some commands are not implemented in a flash, but with a little leisure, you can get used to this system. Just practical is the head-up display, reflecting the speed limit, engine speed, navigation directions and more in the disc. You would not miss it no longer - as well as the various connections for external audio devices.

Completely gratifying is the dynamic talent of the very well-balanced ATS. He directs a willing and sensitive, is reliable to the cornering limit, brakes very well and has a late and gently regulating ESP. Here he moves on par with the best in its class. It would be perfect if the dynamics and comfort joined. But here the notlaufbereifte Cadillac messes with little flexibility, although the ATS Premium (base price with complete equipment: 47,200 euros), the top chassis is fitted with adaptive dampers. There's little to complain about on consumption: 11.0 liters Super satisfy the Cadillac ATS 2.0 T on our test track consumption. So little? This should occur only drivers historic Cadillac strange.


The Cadillac ATS is more than just eye-catching. He is very talented and driving dynamics also motorized strong. Raumökonimie and ride comfort are good, but not for top scores.


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Now THAT was a challenging read; at least they didn't hate it. From what I could glean, it was fairly well received.


'19 CT6, '04 Bravada........but still lusting for that '69 Z-28

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