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1935 Cadillac 4 door convertible sedan

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Pricey but this would be an elegant car to steward...


Read More: http://dallas.craigs...3571572778.html

This appears to be an 8-cylinder Model 355-D. It would have the 353 cubic inch L-head V8 making 130 gross hp, so perhaps 100 hp net, carrying 4749 lbs.

I like running boards, real fenders, and hood ornaments.

Cadillac offered bodies by Fisher for Series 10 and 20 or Fleetwood for Series 30. The notes suggest the Fleetwood would have the spare tire in the rear, although fender mounts were optional.

The Fleetwood gas filler was on the left fender; the Fisher to the left of the rear.

Overall length was 207" for the Fisher model. Compare to an overall length of 197.6" for my STS-V.


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