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People do it different ways. I use a baster and exchange the fluid a little at a time. I have had wonderful luck doing it this way. I have had noisy pumps quiet right down to nothing as it exchanges the fluid a little at a time rather than removing all at once and installing new. Sometimes old components cannot handle the new fluid like that. I have never had one of mine go bad.

What is the issue that you are having?


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If the pump is "howling", that sounds like a bearing is bad. If the pump is whining, that usually indicates air is being sucked in somewhere - usually on the return line. Check the entire system for leaks and verify the fluid is at the proper level.

The pump is not hard to change out - remove the serpentine belt, disconnect the lines and one bolt holds it in but make sure you don't have an issue other than the pump causing the problem (like I mentioned above) before replacing the pump.

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