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Trade-in time approaching on my 2011 CTS Coupe


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The lease on my 2013 CTS Premium Coupe expires in May so I'm thinking ahead.

Cadillac e-mailed me all those links to the various ATS videos and I could hardly wait to

see one in person because I thought, "This is my car"! I don't need a big car and it seemed

that the ATS was everything I wanted in a car.

I have driven the ATS, Premium with the 3.6liter V-8, heavily equipped and, if I were to describe

the experience in one word, it would be disappointment.

The first thing I noticed on entering was that the wooden wheel and gear shift trims are gone and

are not available on the ATS. Small thing it's true; but I think these two items really dress up

the interior and I liked them. Next I noticed that the Tilt and Telescope steering wheel is gone. It

has a telescoping wheel; but it is not electric as in the CTS and not automatic when exiting or

entering the car as on the CTS. In order to telescope the wheel you have to turn a lever a

half inch in diameter. The mileage estimate is virtually unchanged from my 2011 Coupe and

the total price is about two grand more than my 2011 CTS Coupe, similarly equipped though

the car weighs much less and is much smaller. The biggest disappointment is that the car I

drove was not equipped with the magnetic ride control and I never found out how much

extra this item would be - substantial, I'll bet. It was equipped with CUE which, at first glance,

seems to be about as dangerous as "texting while driving". It seems to me it would require

a lot of "eyes off the road" time. It was also equipped with the safety features that slow

the car when you get too close to someone in front of you and also alert when cars are

beside you, etc. and shake hell out of your seat when one of these dangers threaten. I

think these would take some use to get accustomed to and it didn't seem like something I

couldn't live without. Well, in fact, I have for 70 years of driving (I'm 84 but pretty computer and

tech savvy for an old guy). I enjoy all the new technology; but sometimes it goes too far.

Of course the car has great performance; but, under most circumstances, it won't do any

more than my Coupe. Unfortunately, most of us don't have a Nurburgring (I hope I spelled

that right) to drive on and there are very few places one could use all that performance

I know Cadillac must know much more than I do about what cars will sell; but I wonder just

who is their market for the ATS. Certainly it's not the person interested in moving up to

Cadillac because they could get a similarly equipped CTS for less money. It is definitely

not the person looking for fuel economy, though I understand that the 4 cyilinder Turbo

does do some better on mileage. I know they are shooting at the "marks" with this car;

but most of those people are as devoted to their cars as we are to our Cadillacs and I

wonder how many of those will switch. I know I wouldn't switch to BMW or Mercedes if

they cut the price in half. .Wouldn't they do better to concentrate on what

Americans want in their cars and leave the "marks" to their own devices? They had the

same goal with the CTS and I wonder how many BMW and Mercedes converts they made.

I have had 3 CTS's since the 2008 model (they replaced one for me after 9 months); but it looks like I'll have to get another one in May. If the car were not leased I would simply wait until the next version of the CTS is available. That's the one thing I don't like about leasing. You have to

switch whether you're ready or not.

Has anyone else driven the ATS?

P. S. I LOVE everything about the coupe except for getting passengers into the back seat. Of couse I knew that when I bought it but did it anyway. Two years is enough of that and I'll go back

to the sedan - unless, of course, I suddenly fall in love with the ATS which isn't really likely. It seems

much harder to get somebody into the back seat (even young folk) than it used to be. For one

thing you have to release the seat back to flip it over and the seat belt hangs right in their way. If

you put anybody over 50 back there you'd have to adopt them 'cause you'd never get them out.

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I would pick the ATS as more responsive and sporty, but your arguments are good reason for Cadillac to offer both the ATS and CTS.

The next CTS will be lighter as well, and perhaps offer more power, which will be fun.

I am waiting to hear final specs on the ATS-V, but if I were buying new today I would shop an ATS 3.6 Premium or 2LT Premium.


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It appears to me that all of the ATS's within 150 miles of me list for $50,000.00+. Do yourself a favor and go drive a 2013 Volt, and be prepared to be surprised. No, it won't run on the Nurenburgring (and I didn't even try to spell that right), and it won't have Magnetic Ride Control, but for $6000.00 less (list) and no fuel costs, LOADED, it might be what you're looking for. With any luck the electric Cadillac will be available when your lease is ready to end.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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anyone seen the new regal gs commercial? i think it has some over blown hipo exhaust sound? makes the turbo 4 cyl sound like a ferrari? i know a few asian companies are showing up with their turbo 2.0 motors. is this a viable alternative to a 315hp 3.6L V6? if honda does not offer a turbo 4 for the accord/civic than they are no good. cuz we all know honda knows it all.

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