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temp sames high 222 - 215 after engaging a\c, changed leaking hoses

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good day people, new on the seen.

the coolant was leaking from a piece of hose , on the cooling tube , at rear of engine. was smelling coolant , found it. replaced the hose in the rain, refilled tank with coolant. now temp is high, 215-222, normals was 206. and i still smell coolant. abs light comes on now , and it stalls in idle. I'm lost , need a lil help, or ideas on this???? code wise , ipc1602, 1255

Thanks for any info.

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What hose was leaking? There are coolant pipes that run along the back of the engine.

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If the ABS light is on... there is a code set.

If it is stalling.. there is a code set.

Please pull all of the codes and post them here.

It will make it much easier to diagnose and troubleshoot.

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