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2005 STS Check engine light and Tc light on,also reads reduced power.


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My 2005 STS when starting is a short delay,once started runs very rough bucking and jerking,the check engine light comes on right away as well and reduced power is on.When put park and neutral it runs like it wants to cut off,When in Drive or Reverse it's at a normal idle?

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please check and post the diagnostic codes shown. You can learn how to check your onboard diagnostics here: http://www.caddyinfo.com/readingcodes.html

Check your codes in the Cadillac, then post them here. There are also lists in the HowTo of what different codes mean, but if you post them you often will get helpful diagnostics and advice in response.


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The fact that you are getting messages means that the car's computer modules are setting codes. These codes, once you post them here as Bruce Nunnally suggests, will almost certainly tell us what is causing the problem.

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