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I know that I'm new here but I bought my sts seville black on black with 131k miles on it a few months ago been reading lots of topics about it I drive about 45 min to work back and forth 5 days a wk and I've been having overheating issues for about 3 months I took it to a gm dealership and they told me I needed a new water pump and my gas tank had a puncture in it but it would be 400 to drop the tank and 1200 if I needed it replaced clearly I don't have the money for that I did replace the water pum and I'm still getting overheating issues they told me it was not headgaskets tho I checked the purge line there is a constant flow but it is slow I was going to replace the radiator but wanted you guys help before I did so I love this car more than any other I've ever had I can't go anywhere without compliments but a headgasket replacement is not an option I still owe 4000+ on it it would be worth every penny I just don't have every penny to spare thank you guys this forum is awesome love Caddies....

Adrian 2

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Go to Auto Zone and get the conbustion by-products test kit.

They will loan you the kit... you pay for the fluid... it's only about 10 bucks.

Check it yourself... don't believe the dealer.

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First off, the water pump was probably good and not the cause of the overheatig. Don't replace the radiator until you do a combustion gas test on the coolant that Jim mentioned.

The GM dealership said it was not the headgaskets? How did they arrive at that conclusion?

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