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NEWBIE NEEDS SOME HELP! Have 68K on my 05 Deville, AC is charges to spec, compressor cycles etc.....Getting nothing but hot air out of the vents!

Any clues?

Also I have been noticing a smell of fuel that I believe is underhood.....Any ideas here?????

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You state the A/C was charged to spec. - Was the refrigerant recovered, a vacuum drawn on the system and then 2.0 lbs. of refrigerant charged into the system? If so, and there are not any leaks, I would suspect an actuator is not performing correctly. Simultaneously press and hold the ON/OFF and INFO up buttons and the segments will go through the display test. ALL? will appear, press ON/OFF and then ALL CODES? will be displayed. Again press ON/OFF and write down the codes and post them here.

Repeatedly press the INFO RESET button to exit diagnostics or just turn the ignition off.

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If the accumulator/dryer (under the hood) is getting cold then you know that the a/c is working and getting cold (and somewhere in the mixer) the cold air is just not getting into the cabin.


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