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Passenger Side Front & Rear Window Electric Power

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to fix or what can be wrong in this situation. The driver has ability to put all windows down and up in the car, Front & Rear. However, the front passenger with his control can only put down the window and they can not put it back up using the switch. The driver has to put their wondiw back up using their control on the driver side door. \The same situation apples for the rear passenger behind the front passenger seat as well. Can someone please advise on this.

Thank You!

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If I had to guess I would say the switch is bad on that door. All it does it apply 12vdc to either lead of the motor and it probably is worn or dirty. I have gotten them working by spraying the switch real good with contact cleaner and working it back and forth.

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Don't know if this happened to anyone else, battery went dead on my 03 DTS. while cleaning the interior and right after I jumped it with a Booster box put down Drivers window and all the windows went down and the remote mirror on the right side would not operate. Brought it to Cadillac and they charged a lot of money saying it was a short. Happened again in January when the Battery gave out. A friend of mine told me it was the bcm body control module. It is located behind the Glove box and I unplugged it waited 10 seconds plugged it back in and everything worked. So next time I need a jump I will disconnect the BCM before. Don't know if anyone had this problem but if you do try this it worked for me.


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Always be very careful in jump-starting any car. In particular, be absolutely sure that you do not reverse the polarity of the jumper cables or you can brick all the modules in the car with the weaker battery.

Start with the jumper cable with the RED terminals. Connect one end to the RED (positive) terminal of the dead or weak battery, then the other end to the RED (positive) terminal of the good battery. Then, with the jumper cable with the BLACK terminals, connect on end to the BLACK (negative) terminal of the dead or weak battery. It's better to connect to the battery than to an engine or chassis ground because you don't have the battery cable in the jumper circuit. Finish by connecting the BLACK jumper cable connector to the BLACK (negative) terminal of the good battery.

At this point, if the good battery is in a car, it may be a good idea to start the car with the good battery first and let it run for a few minutes. This will put a bit of a charge on the weaker battery, which will provide more juice to start the other car than a good battery through jumper cables. Then, shut off the engine on the good car to protect it's alternator. Then, start the car with the weak or dead battery.

When disconnecting, go in reverse order. First, disconnect the BLACK jumper cable terminal from the weaker battery and set it aside, making sure that it will not have electrical contact with *anything*. Then disconnect the BLACK jumper cable from the stronger battery. Then, disconnect the RED jumper cable from the weaker battery, then from the good battery.

If you are using a charger, first don't use a fast charger in a battery while it is in a car. The high voltages used in fast chargers are likely to damage or destroy the electronics in a car. Remove the battery and use a fast charger only on a battery sitting outside the car.

If you use a charger on a battery in a car, be very careful to connect the RED cable to the RED (positive) terminal and the BLACK cable to the BLACK (negative terminal). If the battery isn't completely dead and the charger is hooked up backwards, the battery will likely blow the diodes in the battery charger instantly. If the battery is dead and the charger charges up the battery with reverse polarity, this will likely destroy the electronics in the car.

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