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  1. I have an 03 DTS in the last 5 months and 2500 miles The vehicle has 80,000 miles on it now. I have replaced one component after the other. From both coil packs to the blower motor for the A/C only realizing that I also had to replace the Rheostat just because I flushed the cooling system and replaced the upper and lower hoses and Thermostat while i was flushing the system with a cleaner I had the Heat up to 90degrees and the blower on top speed for an hour The system came out clean as a whistle but it blew the Rheostat and when you change one you have to change the other otherwise you have no heat or A/C. I realize this car is 13 years old but it has been maintained to the best of my ability this car is getting to me. Drove it Today started it up now the air Bag light came on this car new had a $50,000 sticker on the window you have to be kidding me Cadillac General Motors it's over this is my Fourth Cadillac and my last There is a list of other components that I have changed in the last 5000 miles but I won't get into that. It's a Beautiful Automobile but it's beat me for the last time I'm running it into the ground. Quality my *smurf*! F. Hanrahan
  2. Hey Guys I meant the Blower for the A/C Heater climate control Figured it out with research from parts supplier who got the Blower motor There is also a rheostat that is not on the Blower motor it is under the dash also above the Blower motor. He told me this is a common problem. Thanks for all the input it is appreciated. Frank
  3. 03 DTS Flushed cooling system put in radiator cleaner through heat on full blast ran the car for 45 minutes flushed system replaced hoses and thermostat then fan starting working intermittenly once it came on it worked perfect so I checked plugs on fan motor touched it it started working again for a day or two then same thing. Replaced Male side of plug no good to replace female on fan side you have to change the motor. Replaced with retrofit motor worked only one speed now not at all compressor cycles on but not fan or Defroster either on auto or manual. Any suggestions Thanks. Frank
  4. The First Code is RSS-co579 which is Suspension solenoid ESC Module Malfunction Second code is ABS-C1246 Dump Valve CKT Failure Any advice for location of these parts on car and procedure to fix Thank You Frank
  5. Last Summer I replaced the Two Front Struts ABS Module and the Rear Brake Pads. I flushed the whole system as the Brake Fluid was contaminated it was flushed with new Brake fluid at all four wheels and removed the Master cylinder and flushed it also. I can't get rid of the codes Service Susp. Sys. Change Brake Pads and Speed Limit to 90 and believe me it won't go over 90MPH All the Sensors are plugged in I double checked for the Pads and the plugs for tthe Struts are connected. Do I need a GM. Computer to clear these codes. The Front Brakes have 20,000mi. left on them. Please advise. Frank H.
  6. Cadillac Jim Thanks a lot will check tomorrow. Frank
  7. Abs Motor had to be replaced. Tip The reason it went opened up Master cylinder and found Brake fluid Black so what I did is Disconnect all 6 lines to the ABS Motor let them drain out while I changed Motor And also replaced Pads in rear Before I reconnected the lines I removed the Master Cylinder and flushed with new Brake fluid till it came clear you would not believe the muck in the M.C. put it back reconnected the 6 lines to the ABS Motor Then bled each wheel till it was running clear. All the warning lights went out and the system is working perfect One Kicker I can't figure out how to clear the Replace brake pads warning everytime I start the car can anyone give me a solution it is not in the manual. Word to the wise that ABS Motor is not cheap and all because the Brake fluid was Dirty I never had to replace the fluid in any of my cars and I bought my first car in 1964 The motor went at 70,000 Mi.
  8. Don't know if this happened to anyone else, battery went dead on my 03 DTS. while cleaning the interior and right after I jumped it with a Booster box put down Drivers window and all the windows went down and the remote mirror on the right side would not operate. Brought it to Cadillac and they charged a lot of money saying it was a short. Happened again in January when the Battery gave out. A friend of mine told me it was the bcm body control module. It is located behind the Glove box and I unplugged it waited 10 seconds plugged it back in and everything worked. So next time I need a jump I will disconnect the BCM before. Don't know if anyone had this problem but if you do try this it worked for me. Frank
  9. I have an 03 DTS as a daily driver and am a stickler on appearance. I has 56000 mi. on it and is garage kept. Living in NYC. I've had the back bumper redone twice from People parking by ear. I am very proud of this automobile for it's looks and appearance to me are Beautiful. A Tip I.ve neen doing for years after you clean the windows put a coat of wax on all of them except the Windshield they are much easier to maintain. Take care Frank
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