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  1. It's still looking okay. Keep in mind this is not an pristine car so I was not going for perfection. I just did not like seeing all the clear coat flakes.
  2. If I had to guess I would say the switch is bad on that door. All it does it apply 12vdc to either lead of the motor and it probably is worn or dirty. I have gotten them working by spraying the switch real good with contact cleaner and working it back and forth.
  3. We recently purchased a 96 Deville for the staggering sum of $1k. Good tire,new brakes,excellent interior. Needless to say that for $1k it needed a few things. One eye sore was all the clear coat flaking off of the hood. To poor to have it painted I sought other means of making it look better. I discovered an air hose does well at removing a lot of the clear from the hood. I flat razor got off what the air didn't. I then used my random orbital buffer with some liquid rubbing compound and buffed the oxidized looking paint. Then I went over it a couple of times with Nu-finish.This made it all one even color so I then used Duplicolor automotive clear coat in a can and sprayed the whole thing several times. To walk by the car you would never know anything was done and the color matches the rest after the clear was applied. Total cost was about $7 since I already had most of the stuff. This is the red/maroon color. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is financially challenged like me but wants to fix a flaky car cheap.
  4. Oh,I'll definitely be checking the wiring first. I'm hoping for a broken wire or something someone left unplugged. I think I may be well off to get a service manual for this thing. Anything anyone can post about this tranny issue is very much appreciated. I'll fix it when it warms up some if I have to replace that sensor.
  5. I believe thats what is in our Deville. Problem is someone cut the OEM plug off so I can not plug it back up. I'll have to find the plug. If the radio with the front loading CD player wont fit and plug in I'll go with a Pyle DVD unit I have.
  6. I've done some research on these but I'm not finding which 02 is bank 1,sensor 1 so I can check it. If someone would lead me the right direction here... I've also researched the tranny code and I see it may mean a lot of work. Anyone with any experience on this I'd be happy to hear what you had to do. Thanks all!
  7. I'm looking to put a CD player in my 96 Deville and I dont want to go with a adapter and small din radio. I'd like to use a factory unit so it looks good but I dont see that a factory CD player was offered in 96. Will a later model Deville CD player fit okay? It looks like the 96 and the newer ones have the same curvature on the sides and if it will bolt in there and hook up thats what I'd like to do. Will a newer one fit?
  8. The replacement motor was only $34. Window works great now as well as the turn signals. I still need an 02 sensor,rear brake pads,and find out what the "service transmission" thing is all about. The car runs good for a big car. I also replaced both front wheel bearings ($64 for both to my door) and I need an alignment. We just gave $1000 for the car and it seems like a jem. Thanks to all who helped here. I am a moderator of a Firebird website and having good members is what it's all about.
  9. I got it off just like you said. And I love how easy it is the remove the window motor! I took the motor apart and cleaned the armature and got it working again. Unfortunately the worm gear is slipping inside where the hole in the casing is worn so I guess it's going to get a new window motor. Thanks for all the info people!
  10. The problem I am having is the covers on either end of the handle do not want to come off. I have pried to the point I fear they will break. I have twisted,tried to slide them around. I really dont want to have to break them to get them off. If there is no "secret method" I'll get them off one way or the other. Thanks again for the replies.
  11. I've removed many door panels through the years so I'm familiar with how to do it. It just seems like all the trim that needs to come off to get to the hidden screws will break if I try to get them off. I'll be working on it today.
  12. Okay,get this. The 3 pole relay was bad so I put in another one and that made the lights blink in the front. So,on a whim I decided to try the old 2 pole relay in the 3 pole plug and the signals all work now! No doubt I have 2 bad relays which I will gladly take to work with me and run over with a fork lift. So,now that this weird situation has come to an end,time to get that door panel off.....tomorrow.
  13. Okay,I found another bulb not blinking in the rear while I had the hazard lights on. I replaced it. The drivers side side marker light was out so I replaced it. The little red lights in the headliner light up as will the dash indicators. I'm about ready to pour gas on it and set it on fire. I also can not find the screws to get the door panel off to fix the window motor. I'm afraid any plastic tabs I try to remove will break. Again,fire seems like a good idea.
  14. The front flashes fast IMO. All of the other lights work and the bulbs & sockets are good in the rear,I checked them. Don't know anything about a light monitor. I'll have to look for that one. I assume you mean the stalk? The turn signal lever feels fine. The rear will flash with the hazards on. Thanks for the responses!
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