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I am new to this site but, I bet a lot of you 05' sts owners have had this problem. I find it on the internet all the time. Went to start the car, all lights went off on dash and 1 click under hood. 20 secs later lights on the dash again. Battery at about 12.1 amps, we unplugged the CD player, nothing plugged into the acc plug. Changed the battery once and have driven on that battery for 8 months. Why? Why? Why? Any solutions out there?

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Sounds like either a bad battery (losing a cell) or a loose battery cable condition. I'm a bit confused by how you described your problem/action/solution; it was kind of a run-on sentence. And I'm sure your meant 12.1 volts.


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That is 12.1 Volts not Amps

And THAT test is NOT a definitive test. Your battery could EASILY show 12.1 volts but then drop to 8 volts when you tried to start it, that kind of battery would fail a load test

First thing I would do is have the BATTERY LOAD TESTED. THAT is the ONLY way you will know if your battery is good.

Sears can load test a battery

Then, i would clean your battery terminals very good and make sure the connections are tight, if this is not a bad battery, it sounds like it could be a bad connection.

Do you have any aftermarket AMPS, CB RADIOS, Chargers, etc that are NOT turning off. Is the glove compartment and trunk light turning off?

This is NOT something that you will find on the INTERNET assuming that ALL 2005 STSs have the same problem, this problem is SPECIFIC to your car, the 2005 STS does not have a BUG or FLAW that causes this. Fix the problem, test the battery, right now you do NOT know if your battery is good. Batteries die right out of the box

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1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

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