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DIC Code 2007 DTS-Emissions

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Gentlemen of The Forum,

Just wanted to give you all an update on my previous post. The P0449 Evaporative Emission Vent Valve; Solenoid malfunction showed up on the DIC. I was advised via The Forum that this should be covered by GM under the extended warranty related to the emissions system up to 81K, and the Year 2014 for my 2007 DTS. Spoke to GM and they said Yes! Tanke it to the dealer and he should take care of it, no charge to me. Dropped the car off at the dealer after explaining my conversation with the GM rep. Dealer called me back and said the extention only applied to the catylitic converter, California cars, and that the estimate for the repair was around $325.00. I expressed my dissatifaction with the fact that the GM said, Hey, they should do it for free. Bottom line: Dealer called me back and said they would cover the repair under

a one-time goodwill.

They replaced the Vent Solenoid, cleared the code and I picked the car up today. Hope it lasts!

Thanks to all that helped me with this one.

Steve M.

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I'd bet they where trying to stick you for the $325. You balked, they backed down and made it look like they where being nice guys and doing you a favor. I think it was covered all along.

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