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ABS Trouble


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Hi all,

Junior is having ABS trouble with his 2003 Seville STS with 115,000 miles.

As he tells me; his brakes are locking up under light braking pressure. ABS, Traction/Stability Control lights are all coming on. How can we retrieve the ABS codes without a scan tool?

Has anyone heard or experienced similar problems and can point us in a direction?

His car is excellently maintained, is well taken care of, clean and not abused.

Thank you for your help.

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Shot in the dark. Yaw rate sensor. My brakes did that a short while back. Can't recall the code but it was to do with the yaw rate sensor. Unplugged it, cleand the contacts,did battery disconect and it seems fine now. Maybe I was lucky but seems good now.

2001 STS Mettalic Otter Grey, Black Leather, 213,000 kilometers - miles - ? Still running strong!

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