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Air pressure, check.

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Got out with my inflation gauge and air pump and set my Pirelli's to the 30 lbs front / 32 lbs rear of pressure recommended on the instruction plate on the door inside frame.

My V arrived with the pressures all over the place, so getting them all set to standard is probably something I should have done first.

inflation information.jpg

Actually, I set them to 30/30 but now I see in the photo that I didn't read carefully lol. Someone had asked me about the appropriate pressures at the last cars & coffee and I recalled from that conversation that 30/30 was correct, but now I'll reset to 30/32.

The max inflation pressure on your tire sidewall is interesting; the pressure shown on the info plate is what your original equipment tires should be at. As a thumb-rule, 1 lb of air pressure equates to 10 lbs of effective spring rate.


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Mine says 30/30 front and rear.

If I run it at 30/30 the ride is better (smoother), but the handling is slightly mushy on hard cornering and at high speed.

I normally run 32 front and 31 rear here in town.

But remember... I have most of my weight on the front tires.

When I leave to go on a trip I run 34 front and 32 rear.

After running a few hours on the road and with the heat build up... that will go up to 38/39 front and 36 rear.

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