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De Ville- 91. Cant open front door!


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Hi hope someone can help me with this! My first Caddy, bought it yesterday.But cant open frontdoors. Not from the inside either. Please! Cant take em apart if i cant get 'em opened!


The Swede

Can't you move the handles up by hand? Did you try the key?

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4 door I hope. I have seen a similair problem like this before. 1 time I had a 91 that the power locks were constantly locking, as in as soon as you unlock the doors they relock. But we need more info. Stuck latches, do the levers move??


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I have a 92 DeVille and this only happen's to me when it is real Cold outside...very frustrating, as I have had to crawl in the car thru the backseat's and am Disabled not too easy when you have a back like mine...Is your problem due to cold or is it not cold where you live? Hope you get it resloved.

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