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1999 Seville has an "oil tube" leak


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Hello there,

I have an 1999 Seville with 39000 real miles (car was from my dad). Just the other day i saw some oil spots on the ground and wanted to know what it was. So i think i sort of located the spot. There is an oil line on the top of the engine just left of the plastic engine cover. The first part is metal and stand upright and then turns down and aft underneath the engine. I think there is even a sort of sensor beneath the engine in the same line. I hope anybody can point out what this tube is and what it does. And ofcourse how easy it is to replace...


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filler tube?

the oil filter, sending unit, and filler tube are all in the general area of the front lower engine mount


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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From the description....sounds like the power steering fluid line to me....and they can leak under pressure. Typically you replace the whole line..metal and rubber..about 4 feet long.

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