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Selling off private Cadillac Collection

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I have over 50 Cadillac’s for sale, some are parts cars which are easily restorable and some are daily drivers. Following is a list of what is available:

1964 Red Convertible

1964 Gold Convertible Bucketseats

1964 Red Fleetwood CB Locked Rear

1970 Pink Convertible

1971 White Eldorado Convertible

1969 Silver Sedan

1973 Coupe

1969 Grey Coupe

1963 White Convertible

1996 Seville

1975 Buick Convertible

1972 Black Eldorado Convertible

1977 Maroon Fleetwood

1970 Blue Convertible

1969 Grey Convertible 60/40 seats

1977 Blue Coupe No REVERSE

1967 White Convertible

1969 White Eldorado Buckets

1976 Blue Eldorado Convertible

1963 Black Riviera

1970 Blue Convertible

1976 Red Eldorado Convertible

1964 Buick 225 Convertible

1970 Red Convertible 335

1948 Black Sedan

1969 Buick Skylark

1964 Blue Coupe

1971 Red Eldorado Convertible

1971 Blue Eldorado Convertible

1948 Formal Limo

1965 Black Buick Convertible 225

1963 White Convertible

1968 Red Convertible

1970 Teal Convertible 0729

1964 Eldorado Convertible

1975 White Oldsmobile 4524

1963 Black Sedan

1972 Gold Eldorado Coupe

1977 White Coupe

1979 Copper Phaeton

1968 Red Eldorado

1969 Black Eldorado

1969 Chevy Impala Sedan 327

1964 Red Coupe

1972 Eldorado Convertible Silverpine

1972 Brown Eldorado Coupe

1978 Red Coupe

1977 White Eldorado Coupe Barritz

1972 White Coupe

1972 Brown Eldorado Convertible

Feel free to contact me via this forum, email me @ Caddymama78@yahoo.com, or call @ 954-237-9050. Also, I have pictures as well as more information regarding each vehicle so feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

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Fun. Looks like they are near Ft Lauderdale, FL. Let me know if you need help getting pics online etc. With so many to sell I would think you would want to engage a broker, but that costs money etc. Not sure how I would approach it if I had 50 cars to sell.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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