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Cabin air filter re & re

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I've read various descriptions on here of how to do this (horrid) procedure, but since a picture says a thousand or more words - I present the following.

Let me start by saying - if your nickname is "fat tony", or you are somewhat "large of girth", this is probably NOT the job for you.

I'm rather flexible and only 5'9" and 160lbs, and still found it rather awkward of a job. If you suffer from reflux, keep a bottle of Rolaids on hand. You'll need them. ;)

This is your first target part:


Here it is removed:


The backside, so you can see the clips:


And the clip at the front:


So, pull the panel towards you, except for the front. When it's released, slide it backwards to unhook the front.

Directly above the gas pedal, you can see a small grey rectangular panel:



That's the door that you need to remove to gain access to the filter.

I found a pair of slip joint pliers made quick work of it (and saved the knuckles):



As you can see, there was quite a bit of sploodge attached to it.

Nothing in comparison to:



You can see the plastic tabs sticking out there. You need to grab those (recommend pliers again!) one by one, and pull out.

The sides of the filter are pleated, so it'll easily bend towards you as you pull it out.

Make sure you're actually grabbing the bottom one, and not the tab of the 2nd one. If you do, and you pull too hard, you could break it off (plastic thin hinge right!) causing yourself all sorts of grief and aggravation. I did find that the extra 30 seconds it takes to pull the gas pedal off:


pays back quickly, as it's tight down there already without having to push the pedal down to get it out of the way.

Just pop off the "E" ring on the shaft, then reach up and pinch (gently) the tabs on the circular ring that the cable goes through, and lift up. Done.

This is the new filter:


(for my '98 - yours could be different)



You can see how each one interlocks with the next.

Here's two shots of what came out (less what all fell on the floor):



(gee, think it needed it?)

I got in there with a vacuum best I could, and sucked out the loose debris.

Replacement is SUPPOSED to be a simple reversal of removal. In part it is.

Possibly (very likely) I was WAY too tired and hungry today, but.... I got the 1st two in (HOW they get interlocked during reassembly I can't tell you, I couldn't get them to), but couldn't get the last one in. Maybe another day when it's not -3* out and my frustration level was peaking.

Anyhow, hope this helps someone else down the road to not break something as you're taking it all apart, since you can see what you're up against.

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