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Previous Timesert?


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a couple months back my 98 etc was fouling the #2 cylinder plug causing a misfire. Pulled the plug and discovered coolant on it. Tore it down the head gasket appeared to be in bad shape. I understand that the common thing is the need to timesert the block, when i pulled the head bolts no metal came out on the threads and all came out with a good crack, torque also felt very similar across all bolts. After months of the car sitting i decided to check the bolt holes and see if it had been previously timeserted i can see a ridge where it appears to be a insert but i was looking for some opinions and input on reassemble. I cannot remember how many times it has been over heated but id say more than 10 times.dasd.jpg



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Use a small, magnetic pickup tool and see if the threaded portion is steel. If it is steel, there is a Timesert in the hole.

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The shoulder is normal. It marks the point at which the bolt hole transitions from the depth over which the clamping force is determined by stretching of the head bolt to the threaded part. I can't tell by looking at the photos whether there is a Timesert at the bottom of the hole. A magnet will tell you, though.

I wouldn't work on a big job without a magnet and a grabber. Once, a long time ago, I was changing the motor supports of my 1969 Chevrolet with a big-block engine. The motor supports included a pivot bolt that used an aircraft-type anti-vibration nut that was not included with the new motor support. I used a scissor jack on a 2X10 piece of lumber on the bottom of the oil pan to support and lift the engine. The bottom of the jack was on another 2X10 laying across a wheel. On the right side, the nut came loose, rattled around the wheel, and fell through the hub hole. I had a magnet, so I finished the job in time to drive to the polls and vote that evening.

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