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rough idle


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Recently purchased a 97 Eldo with 50K. Had overheating problems on the second week. A broken pump belt then one that jumped the pulley. Now the car is rough at idle and slightly so thru acceleration. Checked codes found RSS C1738 and an RFA B2560. Any ideas?

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I had similar symptoms on my '96 SLS and 6 of the 8 spark plugs were missing the platinum pad on the ground electrode. A new set of AC 41-950 plugs cured the problem.

It is doubtful that your plugs are bad with only 50,000 miles on them but it may be worth looking into. Remove the plugs and inspect them. If they still have the platinum pad on the ground electrode and there is not any carbon tracking, reinstall them.

If the plugs are OK, remove the top cover from the engine and when oit os totally dark outside, mist the wires with water from a spray bottle with the engine idling. If you begin to see arcing, the wires are bad.

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I had a miss on my 96 STS in january. 85k miles. I had changed the plugs about 6 months earlier. ac/delco double platinums. i was suprised how small the platinum tips actually are. very tiny. plugs did not help. i also changed the wires and that seemed to cure the miss. almost. seemed about 98% better. now the miss has come back. i talked to the parts house and they are going to replace the delco wires. might put them on this week. i checked the double plat. plugs on my 98 grand prix. i got it several months ago. the plat. tips are much bigger. different number too. GM 3800 motor though.

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