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Ok, I really am gonna sit down the manual and find the location of these clips you guys are talking about - thanks for the input so far, sorry i haven't been able to do any real research here, but i don't have the luxary of having a garage, and this rain won't permit me to do much poking around....but i noticed one more thing...maybe this will help:

In my neighborhood there are two fairly large speed bumps and as i went over each one the ABS light flickered on for a second then back off.

does this shed and light on what may be going wrong here?




Crystal Red Tintcoat Exterior | Shale/Brownstone Interior | 32k

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Sounds like a wiring problem around the hubs. If you look in the manual, it will talk about a blink test to determine which hub needs to be checked. Use a paper clip to jump the diagnostic connector.

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Is it the 'ABS' lamp or the 'BRAKE' lamp?

If its the BRAKE lamp it could just be low on brake fluid.

If its the ABS lamp check for codes....

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